NEO is new..! 


Kia Ora and Welcome to the Project Team..!

NEO Projects is a new venture Powered by the team at Solarchitect to produce highly energy-efficient and

NEO - Net Energy Zero buildings.

By this we mean that our buildings have a Zero Energy bill on an Annual basis.

Your building will generate a surplus in the Summer and may well use energy from the grid during the winter.

On a net basis annually we aim to produce a zero energy bill by working with you to acheive this.

Let's talk..!

The NEO Process is simple;

We ask you to get in contact and email us your site information and initial wish-list

There is then a no-cost meeting including;

Our Initial Design Concept and a fixed cost Build to Budget Proposal

If you like our proposal, there is a single and reasonable one-off investment in design

NEO will then confirm;

  • the BTB Proposal along with the Design Plans and Product Specification
  • a Fixed Price Contract with a Registered Building Contractor including;
  • Construction Drawings / Building Consent / Structural Engineering / Energy Systems / Warranties

NEO will;

Manage the Project Liaison with You, as the Owner, and the Builder

Manage the Contract on your behalf including Progress Payments

Work with both You and the Builder to create a successful Project


Let's talk some more..!

Please feel free to contact us now.

neoprojects@solarchitect.co.nz          03 377-4315          www.solarchitect.co.nz